So here is Bohemuth:

Say hello Bohemuth. "Hello Bohemuth." He is a large boy and he comes to you compliments of my two little hands and the most creative woman with wood I have never met, Ana White from Knock off Wood.

As you can see don't only hate her because she's clever with wood, hate her because she's beautiful too!! (Only kidding!!) You can find her by clicking here. When I first moved into the apartment I didn't have much furniture nor money. I needed a massive entertainment center to house all of my "collectables." I stumbled upon Ana's web-site and found the plans, thus the birth of Bohemuth.
As you can see Bohemuth has suffered through his first year with a terrible birth defect, he was never fully formed. Once again, after a visit from the White Farmhouse he is currently under going some cosmetic surgery. I did want to show all of you his new color---he was born white and morphed to this beautiful turquoise blue. The White Farmhouse and I have other plans in the works for him. I will give you a little taste and show you his new color, the rest you will have to wait for!!!

Oh Thank Heaven for Sherwin Williams!!!!! What do you think of his new color?

Watcha' gonna do when she comes to you? Bad design, bad design, watcha' gonna do when she comes to you? SSSOOOOOO-------I realize that I haven't posted in a supery ubbery dubbery long time so I thought why not do it after a life changing event--or actually design changing event I should say. After my first year of renting my aprtment and slowly trying to make it feel like home I realized I needed some help. So, when the White Farmhouse came for a visit I decided to take advantage of it. I had a spot by the front door that was a landing spot, evidently a landing spot for pigs because it was quite the little stye!! I wish I had taken a before picture but in a blur of design the White Farmhouse (a/k/a/ my OLDER sister) got to work. Here is a pic of how she transformed my spot:

I just love my new space!!! She also gave me more room to collect all the dishes I see on Stone Gable!! Thanks a lot Yvonne!! And thanks a lot to my OLDER sister, Maggie at the White Farmhouse!!

What are you gonna do if she comes to you??


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