Watcha' gonna do when she comes to you? Bad design, bad design, watcha' gonna do when she comes to you? SSSOOOOOO-------I realize that I haven't posted in a supery ubbery dubbery long time so I thought why not do it after a life changing event--or actually design changing event I should say. After my first year of renting my aprtment and slowly trying to make it feel like home I realized I needed some help. So, when the White Farmhouse came for a visit I decided to take advantage of it. I had a spot by the front door that was a landing spot, evidently a landing spot for pigs because it was quite the little stye!! I wish I had taken a before picture but in a blur of design the White Farmhouse (a/k/a/ my OLDER sister) got to work. Here is a pic of how she transformed my spot:

I just love my new space!!! She also gave me more room to collect all the dishes I see on Stone Gable!! Thanks a lot Yvonne!! And thanks a lot to my OLDER sister, Maggie at the White Farmhouse!!

What are you gonna do if she comes to you??