In redoing my old chair that has been with me through thick and thin and lasted longer than numerous boyfriends and an ex husband I found a man that really knows how to cover things up!!! His name is Craig and he and his beautiful wife, Maisen have an awesome web-site that I think everyone should visit. Here is a link to their web-site: They are two of the nicest people and they are willing to share the information they know about reupholstering. The chair I redid never had arms that were comfortable, you could always feel the wood underneath. I watched a video on YouTube by Craig on how to pad the arms. They have never been more comfortable!! I really owe it to Craig for sharing his knowledge. They also have an upholstery blog that is free to join!! Again, I think everyone should check it out!!!


........believe it or not I have thought long and hard about starting a blog!!

But par usual this crazy bigger...older.....MUCH....older sister put the idea in my head and hence, here I am!!!

Of Course, it isn't the first time she put an idea in my head. Take this picture for instance....

...we were chatting on line one night and surfing the web
when Lucy (Maggie) sends me this link to look at the
pictures of the bedroom ideas. Of course, I fall in love with the room!! After much thinkin'----again!!! I decide this is the room for me and Lucy and I set out on a path to replicate it!!!

And trust me when I say this is not the first time
Lucy and I have set out on some hairbrained idea!!!
So after hours of thinkin', searchin', and talkin'-----here are some pics of the room (not quite done but well on it's way.)

The BED!!!! My beautiful pride and joy bed--it causes me to lose sleep at night because I want to just lay awake and look at it all night!!!

Here is one of my braniac projects that I actually sucked Lucy into---

the double wedding ring quilt. I made this one almost 10 years ago

and have never used it. As you can see I loved purple even then! The

curtains are left from when I did the room originally, two years ago, and I

decided to keep them but lose the valances!!

And of course the biggest work horse of all that has been with me for

almost ten years too!! (I had it before I made the quilt!!)

The CHAIR!!!!!! As I said I have had this chair for almost ten years
and I call it the work horse because it is now on it's third redo to
match the decor!!! When I got it, for free, it was ivory pleather. Then
it went to a green brocade, then it went purple velvet, and now it is
almost purple/ivory toille!!!

Well I believe that will wrap up my first post. I just wanted to share the pics of my room as it is on it's way to getting done---Hopefully, before I change my mind again!!!

Hello and welcome to the wonderful and wacky insight into my life. I look so forward to sharing the adventures and all the good life has to offer with you!

This blog is inspired by my crazy sister, perhaps you know her....

So sit back and enjoy! Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face!


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