Whhheeewwww!!!!!!!! Another week almost done!! Problem is I need another couple extra days--would anybody mind if this week is nine days instead of seven?? HHHHHMMMMMMM??????!!!!!???????

What a ride this week has been!!! I was taking pics for a photography assignment and ended up chasing this train.....

We closed the end of the week by celebrating my dad's 70th birthday, fun was had by all!!!

Monday morning brought some very sad news though that one of my favorite blogger's friend had died. Her name was Tabatha Benke and like many of us had never met Kim at the Daisy Cottage but was inspired by her daily!!

That lead me to thinking, hhmmmm, who inspires me on a daily basis? Who is it that I go to in the early morning and start my day with? Well, that would be Maggie at the White Farmhouse and Kim at the Daisy Cottage!! So I just wanted to take a moment and let them know. Why don't all of us take a moment and let our bloggy friends know just how much we appreciate their inspiration!! I am!! If you like you can add a comment and share them with the rest of us here.


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