So today is the day to remember a great man, Martin Luther King. A man who encouraged those around them to love their fellow man and vehemently persuaded them to be a better person. With that it mind it inspired me to remember another great man, Edward F. Connell my grandfather.

He also inspired those around him to be a better person. In fact the day that he passed away he died on the steps as he was on his way to class at 63 years old. He had always dabbled in photography and writing and was attending classes for a journalism degree. Maybe that is where I got the photography bug from.
When I was 11 years old I had just gotten my first camera for Christmas . I had to take it to grandma and grandpa's to show it to him for Christmas. As he sat in his rocking chair I begged him to let me take his picture. He sat and posed and then said "O.K. but you're gonna break your camera!" No sooner had I taken the picture when smoke came out of the ice-cube shaped flashbulb!! I was devastated--grandpa laughed!! The picture above is one of the last pictures that I took of him. He passed away that May, 13 days after his birthday.
With that in mind he still inspires me today and I still can't get rid of that bug!!

In fact this picture is the first picture I took with my new Canon dSLR. One of my favorite girls!! She was helping me to make her Birthday Cake.

With that in mind, take time today to give thanks for that person that has inspired you to be a better person!! I Thank God for Edward Francis Connell!!