.....so as I was at work tonight my friend Ashley asked me to give her a humorous life lesson. After thinking for a few minutes I decided to share a life lesson with her that came from my son Michial. He often tends to have tremendous wisdom even for his young age.
My hunorous life lesson went something like this:
Michial: "Mom do you ever get an itch on your butt?"
Me: "Weeeellllllll, sometimes."
Michial: "Well when you scratch it--make sure you go inside your underpants and not on the outside."
Michial: "Yeah, because if you itch it on the outside---you'll make a hole on your underpants like this." (At which point he turns and shows me the hole in his underpants.)

Sometimes my boy just cracks me up no matter how gross (if you thinks about it) it may sound!!!

On that note though I just wondered what is YOUR humorous life lesson? If you like you can post a comment and share it with the rest of us.