.....so as I was at work tonight my friend Ashley asked me to give her a humorous life lesson. After thinking for a few minutes I decided to share a life lesson with her that came from my son Michial. He often tends to have tremendous wisdom even for his young age.
My hunorous life lesson went something like this:
Michial: "Mom do you ever get an itch on your butt?"
Me: "Weeeellllllll, sometimes."
Michial: "Well when you scratch it--make sure you go inside your underpants and not on the outside."
Michial: "Yeah, because if you itch it on the outside---you'll make a hole on your underpants like this." (At which point he turns and shows me the hole in his underpants.)

Sometimes my boy just cracks me up no matter how gross (if you thinks about it) it may sound!!!

On that note though I just wondered what is YOUR humorous life lesson? If you like you can post a comment and share it with the rest of us.

It just figures that it would be a train picture!! Amongst all of the pictures of friends and family I have pictures of trains that I downloaded for my Michial. So of all of the photos I have this is the one that fit the challenge!!!

I got tagged by the White Farmhouse and now I now tag...
1. Jacques@Jacques Art studio
2. Angelo Surmelis @angelo:home
3. Tricia@Boutelle Family zoo
4. Jennifer@Hope Studios

...so no they need to...
1. Open the 4th file where I store my photos
2. Pick out the 4th photo & publish it to my blog
3. Explain a bit about it
4. Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs.

Have fun!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Often times it is the little things in life that cause us to realize how wonderful life is. They can even inspire us to be a better person. That is what happened to me August 6, 2003 when I met the smallest yet most inspiring person I have ever met.......

.....my 3# 5oz son Michial. I stop and wonder some times where the time has gone for I have tried to savor each moment of his young life!! I still can't believe he is 6 years old!! I love him more today than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow. He truely makes me a better person!!!


Everyone head on over to the Boutelle Family Zoo and check out the awesome giveaway she is doing for her 200th post!!! Click here to visit the Zoo!!

Sooooooo, I hate to be a Debbie Downer but winter is quickly approaching!!! With that in mind I wanted my blog to stay forever spring!! So I hope you enjoy the layout!!! And always thinks SPRING when you see it!!!

I had found this picture the other day and found it to be very inspiring.

I can just picture myself with Michial out in the backyard sleeping in that cutsey little tent!!! Isn't that the coolest thing you have ever seen??

Just thought I would share these happy moments with you!


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