So, on Saturday August sixth my favorite guy turned eight years old!!! I just can’t get over how it seems like only yesterday that he was born. He was so tiny! He was six weeks early and was only three pounds five ounces. He was the tiniest baby I ever held.

I also can’t believe how being a mom changes a person!! I mean let’s be honest had someone said to me, “what would you do if someone vomited or defecated on you?” I would have been totally disgusted!!! You know what though; you totally change when you become a mom and you just wipe it off and go on about your day.

My Interests have also changed. I would have never believed I would have any interest at all in trains but after taking the boy to any train place we can find I actually have to say they are a beautiful means of transportation. I mean, look at this beauty:

Aside from all of that though, you have a really cool squid to share your life with and revel in the young man he will be someday. So, I just wanted to share with all of you what happens when time flies:

Happy Birthday to my Little Man,
Love Forever Mom!!

P.S. Remember, it's o.k. when time flies as long as you doesn't pass you by!!!