So we all have those things of modern day life that we need to incorporate into our rooms that "just don't go." My case in poiont:

I mean really??!! What do you do with stuff like this? Be disciplined and put it away every time I use it in a day??? Put it in another container after I buy it so it can live on the counter? Really???!!!??? Those are beautiful thoughts but in my world I just know it won't happen. Plus I wanted something that would be close to little or no money.

SSooooooooo, I traveled to a land far far away that is home to a wonderful and generous fairy, the Graphics Fairy to be precise. I used her handy dandy little search tool and here's what I did:

I found these cutesy little labels, printed them out, and glued them on with some handy dandy tacky glue!!! See, everything is better with a little bit of fairy dust!!! OOOHHHHHH and lookey there the Graphics Fairy even stopped by to give her approval!!